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The bar has been raised in Indianapolis for the care and treatment of outside dogs. It is no longer tolerated for dogs to be kept outside without adequate shelter or in extreme weather, continuously chained, or in a tiny pen. It is no longer permitted for a puppy or a sick/injured dog to be kept chained outside. It is also no longer acceptable for outside dogs to suffer from severe flea/fly infestations.

A milestone success

More than two years ago, FIDO decided that the time had come for us to “lead the pack” for outside dogs. So we did the research, drafted ordinance language, and connected with our local government officials to pass a new dog care and treatment ordinance for Indianapolis. We offer a special shout-out to City-County Councilor Zach Adamson, our champion in this effort. We finally achieved a milestone success when our ordinance proposal passed the Council by unanimous vote and went into effect September 30, 2015. (See our tab labeled “Ordinances” for ordinance language and details.)

Care and treatment education campaign

FIDO is now in the midst of a public awareness campaign to educate Indianapolis residents on the new ordinance.  We believe that people first need to be made aware of the new requirements before we hold them accountable for compliance.  To that end, we are working really hard to get information out to dog owners/guardians and concerned citizens.  Look for our IndyGo bus ads with humane messaging on the new ordinance.  We also have distributed thousands of our educational pamphlets on the ordinance.  We are also attending neighborhood association meetings to share information and answer  questions.   

What you can do

Now it's time for you, the Indianapolis community, to step up and also “Lead the Pack”.  Here's what  you can do:

Dog Owners/Guardians:  “Lead the Pack” and make your dog part of your family.  Dogs are social animals who feel emotion and discomfort.  Your dog is happiest living with you inside your house and spending time outside with you on walks or romping in a securely fenced yard. This is always the best option for your dog.  If you need help providing care for your dog, FIDO is here to help.

Call FIDO at 317-221-1314.  We offer low-cost or free dog supplies and services to owners in financial need.  We want to help you comply with the new ordinance and keep your dog in your home.

Concerned Citizens/Neighbors:  If you see dogs being kept in violation of the new ordinance, “Lead the Pack” in your neighborhood.  If neighbors decide that they will no longer tolerate dogs being kept outside in neglectful conditions, this will set a new standard for your neighborhood. Dog owners will have two choices: either comply with the new ordinance and live in harmony with their neighbors or not have a dog. The choice is theirs.

Report animal neglect to our local enforcement authority, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC). Please know that IACC typically will not immediately impound the dog. Instead, the officer will give the owner the opportunity to comply. However, even if the dog is impounded, the live release rate at IACC in 2015 was 73%. It is not a death sentence if the dog is taken to the shelter. FIDO believes suffering outside from neglect is a worse fate for a dog.

Call the Mayor's Action Center at 317-327-4622 during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 7:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.). 

Call the Police Non-emergency line at 317-327-3811 during off-hours.

Reports can also be filed through the Request Indy app available through the App Store. 


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