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The Story of Amos

posted Apr 14, 2012, 1:55 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 14, 2012, 2:03 PM ]

Originally posted October 2008

Amos was adopted from a local shelter 12 years ago as a 2 month old puppy. He was promptly chained up and has spent his entire life on the end of a 10 foot chain on a slab of concrete in a dark back yard. F.I.D.O. volunteers recently noticed Amos while driving down an alley. He appeared to be an old, dirty, skinny and pathetic black Labrador retriever.

The F.I.D.O. volunteers decided to try to talk to the old dog’s owner and help the dog in whatever way we could. Much to our surprise, the dog’s owner told us that he was thinking about getting rid of the dog because he didn’t know how he was going to get him through another winter. When we walked to the back yard to meet the old dog, he raised his head and slowly wagged his tail at us. So we offered to take Amos then and there as long as the owner promised us that he would not just get another dog to chain up. The owner assured us that he was done with dogs. The owner could not tell us if Amos was good with other dogs, cats, or children, since Amos had never been exposed to any of them. It was clear Amos had lived a sad life of isolation. So we loaded up the old pooch into our car and drove him to a new life.

Amos is now living in a home with 5 other dogs and 2 cats. There was a period of adjustment since Amos had lived such an isolated and deprived life. Initially, he would not sit still and continually walked in the house and yard, likely because that was the first opportunity he had to walk around freely. Amos was initially afraid of all the other dogs in the house until he learned that they would not hurt him. But he really seeks out human attention and affection and is comforted to be wherever the people are. When he is afraid, he tries to hide under objects, such as chairs and tables or behind doors. There are scars around his neck to indicate that he suffered an embedded collar when he was a puppy. He also has atrophied hind legs likely due to the fact that he has been forced to live on the end of a chain on hard concrete his entire life. He seems mentally impaired, likely due to a complete lack of socialization and sensory stimulation.

But despite all he has suffered, he is a very sweet loving dog. He has even started trying to join in the play with the younger dogs in the house. He lays down and the younger dogs play around him. He also loves sleeping on his big, soft cushy bed. He also really appreciates dog treats and even just plain old dry dog food. Amos will live out his days in his current home and finally have all his basic needs met... plus, all the comforts, treats, and affection we can give him.