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The Story of Butterscotch

posted Apr 14, 2012, 1:43 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 14, 2012, 1:58 PM ]
Originally posted June 2008

I think we’ve all, at one time or another, considered the existence of angels among us here on earth. Whether they are true celestial beings, or simply those amazing individuals who are always looking out for the underdog, Butterscotch is probably among those who can attest to their reality.

An angel was watching over Butterscotch, or ‘Butters’ as she has become to those who love her, on that fateful day she was dumped from a car on Indy’s eastside. That angel, who witnessed Butters mistreatment, did not hesitate to rescue the thin, frightened young mother from the side of the road and a less than certain fate. FIDO stepped in and saw to her physical necessities – an exam, vaccinations, and microchipping, but what Butters desperately needed was a family to call her own. It is truly incredible, a dog’s capacity for love and forgiveness. You see, it appeared that Butters had recently weaned a litter of puppies just prior to her cruel abandonment, and her heart was so full of love to give that she seemed willing to give to it whomever, or whatever she met. First, it was her new foster family and the four grown-up and two foster puppies that she shared that home with. She settled in very fast, and quickly understood the rules of potty and crate training. It was discovered that she’s a natural housekeeper, spending a large part of each day roaming the house, collecting all discarded toys and bones, and storing them in her crate for safe-keeping.

Not long after she had settled into her foster home, Butters was adopted by her Forever Family, and her days are now spent in glorious play with her very own Chihuahua brother, as well as keeping tabs on the family’s avian and reptilian components. Rumor has it she might even be getting another sibling, maybe one a little closer to her own size - another Pit Bull mix to bring even more love to the family. It is unknown what happened to Butters puppies, but we can only hope that they had their own angel watching over them, for were it not for Butters angel it is unlikely she would have found this wonderful new life that she so deeply deserves. It turns out her name is truly apt, for she has completely melted their hearts.