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The Story of Carmel

posted Apr 14, 2012, 1:41 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 14, 2012, 1:58 PM ]
Originally posted May 2008

Here’s a Cinderella story for you...

Our story begins the way most fairy tales do, with a delightfully beautiful and charming heroine. The star of this particular tail, er tale, is Carmel. Carmel had it all – looks, brains, personality, and heart. Unfortunately, she was cursed with owners who were at their best, ignorant, and at their worst, dangerously neglectful. While they were out living the “high” life, Carmel was left behind, for sometimes weeks at a time, unable to even fend for herself because she was tied to a fence. Still, she did her best to be the only thing she knows to be – a good, loving and loyal dog who didn’t understand why her family never shared their home or love with her, who didn’t really notice her at all. She had all these kisses stored up inside her, and no one to share them with. She did, however, have one thing going for her – the kindness of her benefactors next door. They watched out for her when she was alone, brought her food and water and did their best to keep her comfortable and safe, and finally made the magic call that changed her life. Carmel’s Fairy Godmother appeared, a vision in the form of a resourceful FIDO volunteer, and Carmel’s life has never been the same.

A true Cinderella story, Carmel brushed off the dust of her former life and quickly claimed the heart of her FIDO rescuer. A perfect princess, Carmel bestowed love and grace upon everyone she met. It was thought that she would reign supreme in her new home for the rest of her days, but it was not to be. Fate had other ideas for Carmel. A chance meeting with the most charming family in the world added yet another chapter to her now enchanted life. This family had been searching high and low for the dog that they knew they were meant to share their life with. Had Carmel’s new mom not gone on vacation and left her in the safe hands of a good friend, this meeting would never have happened. As it was, these charming parents and their two beautiful young daughters fell instantly in love with Carmel and whisked her away to their palace, where she is now queen. She has many official duties, the most important is waking her girls up every morning – showering them with all the love and kisses she had been storing in her heart. She is finally where she was always meant to be. And they continue to live Happily Every After….