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The Story of Jake

posted Apr 14, 2012, 1:45 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 14, 2012, 1:58 PM ]
Originally posted September 2008

For those of you who don’t know Sharon and all her dogs. Sharon lives in a neighborhood where she is constantly finding stray and neglected dogs and taking them in. Sharon is really kind-hearted but chronically overwhelmed. When we first met her, she was chaining up most of her 8 outside dogs to manage them. She has about 6 more dogs in the house. To her credit, she shelters, feeds, and fixes all these hard-luck pooches (and feral cats.)

Last year, Michelle (and her long-suffering husband and an aspiring Eagle Scout) headed up a big fencing project to get most of Sharon’s dog off chains. But for whatever reason, Jake has still been kept chained in the front yard. Jake is a crazy-energetic young dog completely frustrated on a chain. So Sharon asked us to find him a home where he can run and get much more attention than she is able to provide since she has 13 other dogs.

I courtesy posted Jake with ARPO and Southside on Petfinder. This week, I got a call from Carmen, a nurse who lives in the Glendale area with a big fenced yard. She and her husband put down their old dog about 6 months ago, who coincidentally looked like Jake. So I had Carmen and her husband meet me at Sharon’s house last night. Her husband got him on a leash and seems to have some training knack since he could actually keep Jake under some semblance of control. (Jake was a complete loon on a leash for me.) So they loaded him up in their SUV and took him home last night for a trial run.

Carmen called today to tell me that Jake spent the first 45 minutes at her house running wind-sprints in her fenced yard. But then he wouldn’t come in the house. So she and her husband got up every 2 hours last night to check on him. Today, he still wouldn’t come to them. So Carmen spent the morning sitting in the yard with a blanket and a book patiently waiting for Jake to warm up to her. She said around noon, Jake became her best bud.

The End.