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The Story of Lottie

posted Apr 14, 2012, 1:47 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 14, 2012, 1:59 PM ]
Originally posted September 2008

Lottie was a young female Labrador mix kept chained around the clock on a patch of dirt in the far back corner of a yard located just north of downtown Indianapolis. While Lottie had grown from a pup, her dog house had not. So Lottie could not even fit into her dog house. It appeared that Lottie was kept simply to bark at intruders in the backyard and alley. Lottie was lonely, underweight, living in her own waste, without proper shelter, without food and water. She was miserable.

FIDO was contacted by Cat’s Haven for assistance with Lottie. Cat’s Haven is a cat rescue organization who happened to be located next door to Lottie’s house. Their volunteers became concerned as the winter temperatures were averaging 18 degrees and often dropping into single digits at night. Without proper shelter and without straw or other means of warmth, Lottie was struggling to survive. FIDO representatives went to Lottie’s house to offer assistance to her owners. We quickly discovered that Lottie’s elderly and handicapped owners could barely take care of themselves, let alone a chained dog in the backyard.

We knew that Lottie was in trouble, since her survival depended on caregivers who obviously weren’t capable of providing adequate care. The FIDO representative worked with an Indianapolis Animal Care and Control officer to ensure that we appropriately assessed the situation, and then explained the seriousness of Lottie’s condition to her owners. It was during this long discussion that we realized that Lottie didn’t even have a name. Her owners simply referred to her as their “dog.” In the end, we convinced them to voluntarily surrender Lottie due to their inability to care for her.

With Lottie surrendered, FIDO contacted another local resource, the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO), a local foster and adoption organization. FIDO ensured that Lottie was placed into their foster system, where she received veterinary care and much needed love and attention. Quickly Lottie’s health rebounded and even more amazingly her spirit did, too. Before long, Lottie had several potential adopters interested in meeting her. Happily, after careful screening for the right home, Lottie was adopted by a nurturing and dog-loving couple in Fishers, Indiana. Today, Lottie lives as a true companion animal with two other dogs and a fenced yard to call her own. She’s an indoor dog with outdoor access. No more chains, ever.

FIDO is proud of our role in helping provide Lottie with a new life. And because of caring people like you who support our mission, FIDO is able to make sure that Lottie, and many others just like her, live chain free in our community.