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The Story of Monty

posted Apr 14, 2012, 1:48 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 14, 2012, 1:59 PM ]
Originally posted September 2008

During a FIDO neighborhood outreach day on a winter day in a poor neighborhood of Indianapolis, we drove down the streets looking for chained dogs that could use some help. A FIDO volunteer discovered a young, thin, male pit bull tethered to a fence on a 3 ft chain so short he could barely move. He was given no shelter despite the fact that it was the middle of winter. Being a pit bull with very short fur, he was in real danger if he was kept in that condition for very long.

Because the people living at this house appeared suspicious and potentially criminal, and FIDO has no legal authority to remove animals, we decided to contact Indianapolis Animal Care and Control for emergency assistance. IACC responded and the dog was impounded. As it turned out, the owner had already been prohibited by IACC from ever owning animals again due to previous animal care and treatment violations.

The pooch, subsequently named Monty, was held at IACC until the legal proceedings with the owner had been completed. Then IACC released Monty to FIDO. Actually the same FIDO volunteer who discovered his plight in the first place rescued Monty out of IACC. Then she fostered Monty in her own home for several months, investing a lot of her own time and energy into training him and helping him adjust to life in a house with people and other animals.

The FIDO volunteer eventually placed Monty in a permanent home with a family who already has another pit bull. Monty gets along splendidly with their their other dog. Their young son and Monty are extremely attached to each other. After a period of adjustment (i.e. breaking Monty of the habit of climbing onto counters and eating food from the cabinets!) Monty has worked his way right into the hearts of all the family members and likely will be staying in this home for the duration. Notice Monty checking out his own wagging tail in one of the photos. It’s like he is amazed that he is so happy now!