Request Assistance - Owners

If you are an owner needing assistance with recovering your lost dog, please contact us using the contact information below.

Contact Information
Facebook: FIDO Lost Dog Recovery

Our all-volunteer team can help guide you through the process of getting your lost dog home every step of the way. We will provide you with strategies on how to:
  • Generating sightings

Don't let recovery expenses get in the way of rescuing your dog. You can borrow our equipment!
  • Non-cellular trail cameras for monitoring a feeding station
  • Cellular trail cameras for monitoring an engaged trap
  • Traps of various sizes to fit a dog's size and behavior
Intersection signs are critical in generating sightings, yet a lot of owners don't do or delay this step in the process, due to the expense. To ensure owners have access to less-expensive signs, we purchase intersection signs in bulk at a reduced cost and can pass the savings on to owners.

Field Assistance
We can partner with you in your lost dog recovery in the Indianapolis area. There's never a charge for field assistance - your active involvement is all we require to help locate and recover your missing dog.