Success Stories

Please enjoy a few stories from 2016!

Maui was newly adopted and in her new home for less than 24 hours when she bolted out an open door. Recently adopted dogs are a high flight risk because it can be stressful adjusting to a new environment. Maui's new family and volunteers spent many hours searching for her, passing out flyers, and posting signs at road intersections in the area where she went missing. After a 78-day adventure, Maui was successfully rescued and resting in the comfort of her home.

Ihop beat the odds! With only 3 legs and unable to hear, this girl survived out on her own for 5 months. Our volunteers were patient and persistent with earning her trust, and all of their efforts paid off when she was successfully rescued.               

Luna's parents went away on a family vacation, leaving Luna in trusted hands at a boarding facility. Unfortunately, Luna escaped the facility and found herself on the run for 25 days. Volunteers coached the family via text and phone and ultimately made a 3-hour trip to south-western Indiana to get Luna in a trap. Twelve hours after setting the trap in the perfect location, Luna was successfully rescued. Today, Luna enjoys being back with her family and receiving lots of hugs and kisses.

Zoey was reunited with her family thanks to her determined parents and many volunteers. Zoey was only separated from her parents for 4 days, but to them, it felt like a life-time. The easy-to-read signs at major intersections were key to her rescue.

Vaya slipped away from her parents' home and was on the run for 12 days. Vaya's family knew she was staying in the area, as they received reported sightings of their girl. They did all of the right things, from posting signs to setting up feeding stations. Finally, they got the break they needed. A nearby family was feeding Vaya, but she was too scared to come to them. Volunteers traveled to the area and set up the trap. And, to their delight, Vaya was waiting for them in the trap the next morning.