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Next actions on proposed animal welfare ordinance improvements!

posted Aug 4, 2015, 11:30 AM by Marie Lewis
FIDO Friends and Volunteers,
Last month you heard from us regarding important changes proposed for Indy’s animal Care & Treatment ordinance. We are now in the final days leading up to the Council vote.  The next 2 weeks are critical.  Your action will make all the difference. But don’t just take our word for it… read the proposed changes and decide for yourself. For your convenience, a summary of the changes is listed here: 

1)    We clarified the language of the ordinance prohibiting the chaining of unaltered dogs and the chaining of dogs overnight.  The current language allows such chaining if a dog is being “monitored” by its owner.  Currently, an owner can claim that they are “monitoring” their chained dog all night long by watching it through a window from their house.  This makes the ordinance essentially useless.  Revised language requires that the owner stays outside with their unaltered dog when chained or when a dog is chained overnight.  Since the owner of a continuously chained dog is not going to do that, the owner will now be considered in violation of the ordinance.

2)    We also added the following items to the ordinances which add new protections for outside dogs:

a.    Additional requirements for shelter construction under any weather conditions

b.    Temperature limits for providing additional shelter requirements (straw bedding in winter and shade in the summer)

c.    Temperature limits for requiring dogs to be brought inside a temperature controlled facility (if very cold or very hot outside)

d.    Space requirements for dogs kept in a pen outside

e.    Requirement for medical treatment for flea infestation, fly strike, mange, etc

f.     Restriction against tethering a dog to a motorized vehicle

g.    Restriction against tethering a puppy or sick/injured dog

IF YOU AGREE with the spirit of these changes, HELP US ensure the language is adopted by doing the following:

1. Call or email your Indianapolis City-County Councilor to ask them to vote YES in support of Prop 179.  You can find your councilor and his/her contact name here: (For the full list of council members see attached file).
2. E-mail John Barth and Pam Hickman to thank them.
3. If you have an upcoming neighborhood association meeting, share this info with them and ask your councilor for his/her support.

Then…mark your calendar for the City Council mtg: 
Monday, August 17 @ 7pm in the public assembly room on the 2nd floor, City County Building downtown.

There will not be any public testimony heard at this session so we will simply need to make our statement visibly. Please show up wearing animal welfare, FIDO, spay/neuter, animal welfare t-shirts and have signs to indicate messages such as: “Vote YES for Animals”, “YES for Prop 179”, “Indy Cares about Pets”, “Prop 179 Raises the Bar for Indy Animals”, “1st Class Indy Cares about Pets”, etc.

Thanks very much for your consideration.

Jeni & the FIDO Board

Jeni Christoffersen, President
Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside