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Star Neighbors Make a Difference

posted Apr 4, 2012, 1:57 PM by Unknown user

Originally posted Jul 17, 2009 

Fido volunteers help dog owners keep outdoor pets contained. 

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star neighbors make a difference 

This person was nominated as a member of the Central Indiana Community who has made a difference in the lives of others: 


NAME: Volunteers for FIDO (Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside). 

ROLE: Helps families who cannot afford to provide proper conditions for their dogs. 

THE DIFFERENCE: The organization helps needy families with the care and treatment of their pet dogs, especially dogs kept outside all year, Marie Koenig wrote in nominating FIDO volunteers as Star Neighbors. One of its goals is “unchain but contain,” meaning it assists owners in getting their dogs off chains and securely behind kennel doors. 

Koenig sent a copy of a thank‐you letter from a resident who had reported his neighbors’ dogs to FIDO. Volunteers helped the neighbors, who have health and financial difficulties. “Now their dogs are happily romping in a new kennel complete with wooden doghouses that FIDO volunteers constructed,” she said. 

The neighbor wrote: “Each time I pass those dogs I am reminded of the generosity and caring of the people of FIDO. Not only did they provide for two wonderful dogs in my neighborhood, but they also opened the doors of communication between myself and my neighbors. For both acts I am grateful to FIDO.” 

NOMINATED BY: Marie Koenig, FIDO treasurer. 

To nominate a Star Neighbor, go to or email us at Please provide the person’s name, how he or she is making a difference, and contact information for the nominee or yourself. 

Published in the Indianapolis Star Newspaper on June 18, 2009