FIDO was open for biz today, as we are every Sunday afternoon, to help folks with a variety of dog and cat supplies.
Winter here in the first photo brought her pup Bella with her to “try on” a new inside training crate. We up-sized her crate to give Bella more leg room and threw in a box of chew toys to keep her occupied while on crate lock-down.
Richard came for his old buddy Sampson who weighs over 100 pounds and is getting up in years. Richard came for some canned food and mentioned how much glucosamine/chondroitin helps old Samson’s achy joints. But he struggles to come up with the funds to buy it. As luck would have it, we just had a big jar of that magical blend donated to us. Richard and Sampson are now doing the happy dance. 😀
Miss Ernestine, who cares for 6 cats who live inside her house and 7 community cats who live outside, came for canned food to provide extra energy for her outside cats in the cold. She also picked up dog food for her homebound friend’s dog. ❤️
We are happy to share that everyone’s animals are spayed/neutered with a little help from their friends at FIDO (except Ernestine is still working on some of those dodgy ferals ). We helped a total of 14 households today and 6 other generous folks paid it forward today with donations of pet food, supplies, and financial gifts to support FIDO’s work. Yep, it was a good day today, all around.