Our new FIDO van was jammed full yesterday for outreach. We delivered 5 large dog houses to clients in need, along with straw to pack into those houses for warmth. We visited a total of 8 homes offering assistance and/or following up with pet owners.
At one stop, we signed up Queen and her 2 pups, Chanel and Night, to be spayed and neutered. We shared information on the city ordinances with their owner and provided food, flea preventative, fresh straw and a much-needed new tie out for Queen. We added them to our fence project list so that new tie out won’t be needed for much longer. 😀😃 We’ll also be dropping off 3 inside training crates to help with bringing the dogs inside every night. Queen had a sturdy igloo already, but we were able to help with 2 more igloos for the 2 pups.
The owner was nice to work with and seemed happy to receive the assistance. Queen seemed thrilled as well with her new goods. She loved all the attention and was rolling around in the grass as we left. We’ll be back next week to follow-up and and we’ll continue to help however we can to make life a little better for these 3 pups.