Success Stories

Jeremy and Brittany, who FIDO assisted this week with a new fenced enclosure, weren’t really looking for another dog. But after they noticed a skinny, chained dog in the backyard of a neighbor a few houses down from their own, they knew they had to do something. Come to find out the people living there moved out and left the dog chained in the backyard, something that happens all too often in our Indy neighborhoods. They took the dog in (a sweet grey and white pittie) got him fed and a little healthier with the plan to surrender him. When they showed up to Indianapolis Animal Care Services, the good people with Indy CARES talked to them about the idea of keeping him and providing assistance with vaccinations and neutering. They also shared information about FIDO to help with other supplies and services.

Well Jeremy and Brittany of course had taken a liking to the sweet boy and decided to try keeping him. Because of his energy and spirit, they named him Loco. They are working on introducing Loco to their current dog and children, and to help with this they contacted FIDO about installing an enclosure for him that’s close to the house and door. They felt strongly about not wanting to chain him-something we always love to hear.

By adding 2 panels and extending the height of a line of existing fence, we enclosed and secured a large shaded area against the side of the house. Thanks to Brittany and Jeremy and a few groups working together, Loco is no longer living at the end of chain but now has a new family and new space to call his own.