Success Stories
Riden was a pooch with problems. First, he lost all his fur. Next, he lost his home. But Jessie was Riden’s friend in need.
Jessie, one of our clients, took him in and did the best she could to treat his skin. But one of her dogs did not accept Riden and so Jessie reached out to FIDO for help finding a new home. Jessie lives in a struggling neighborhood and watches out for the animals there.┬áBut Jessie is not a native English speaker and so doesn’t always know how to navigate the local animal system. So FIDO is often Jessie’s friend in need.
But because FIDO is not a foster/shelter/adoption organization, we in turn reach out to our partner agencies when a dog needs safe haven. Since Riden is a sweet-pea of a pooch with a medical issue, we contacted IndyHumane to see if they could take him, treat him, and adopt him. Well, Indyhumane was FIDO’s friend in need this time.
Today, Riden took a ride up north with us to the Indyhumane shelter. We are not sure what deep thoughts Riden was pondering along the way to his new horizons. But he sniffed out their grounds and wagged his way through their front door.
Seems that Riden has lots of friends, indeed.