FIDO’s April pet food pantry remained open in spite of the state-wide travel restrictions and stay at home order in place. This is because food pantries fall under essential charitable services. We are thankful for this because in the past several weeks, we’ve had numerous calls requesting assistance.

For eight hours, it was a steady stream of cars venturing out to ensure their pets stay fed. Some dogs even got to ride along – out for a little fresh air and tasty kibble.

We were masked and gloved up once again in an effort to keep volunteers, clients and staff safe. All considering, people were in good spirits, thankful to have the opportunity to load up on food. We don’t have our numbers yet due to having to revert to a paper format to keep those cars moving, but our warehouse was just about depleted of food at the end of the day – the result we were all hoping for.

Indy’s dogs and cats aren’t aware that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. They just know that they’re getting to spend more time with their families (definitely a positive in all this) and that their families and FIDO are doing all they can to keep their bowls full of kibble. Thanks to all FIDO supporters and volunteers who are helping us accomplish this important goal.