At our February pet food pantry, we totally re-worked our client traffic flow patterns to better streamline the processes, decrease congestion and generally provide a better day for everyone. Well, it worked!

Our new client check-in area was moved to our front office to give new clients a little more privacy during the new client registration conversation. PLUS: we initiated new client registration directly into our Salesforce client database to eliminate the extra paper step. Another small data management milestone. Big thanks to Harley and Jessica.

All this, in turn, decreased congestion in the front area that historically turned into a bottleneck of clients, food buckets, carts, and volunteers. Now, there is a lot more space for all of us to maneuver. This puts all of us in a better mood .

Stats for Dog and Cat Households:

returning clients = 311
new clients = 16
pounds of dog food distributed = 8,500
pounds of cat food distributed =3,700
spay/neuter surgeries scheduled = 32
community cats scheduled for TNR = 28
cat shelters = 25
bags of straw bedding = 20
doses of flea treatment = 177
cat litter = tons!
cans of dog and cat food = more tons!

Stats for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs (courtesy of our friends with Indiana House Rabbit Society:

returning clients = 7
new clients = 3
rabbits served = 14
guinea pigs served = 4
pounds of food = 42
pounds of hay = 41
pounds of pellets = 5

All in all, that’s some pretty good flow for one day.