While most of us are experiencing some serious cabin fever and are ready to get out of the house, Lexie, a sweet chunk of a girl, wants nothing but to stay home with her family. FIDO squeezed in this fence project before a lot of the travel restrictions were put in place. After talking with Lexie’s owner, Mikaela, we knew how important this project was.

Mikaela adopted Lexie from Indianapolis Animal Care Services awhile back and she and her 2 children absolutely love her. They all sleep in a big bed together and she’s great with the kids. Mikaela recently had to move and searched until she found a place that allowed her to keep Lexie.

Recently, when a young neighbor came around the side of Mikaela’s house unexpectedly, Lexie reacted and bit the neighbor – we think as an act of protecting the kids who were with her at the time. It was a minor bite, but Mikaela was concerned that she would have to surrender Lexie because she didn’t have a secure area to contain her when outside. A few FIDO volunteers stepped up to help. We quickly constructed a secure enclosure off the family’s back door and reinforced the area to ensure Lexie and her neighbors stay safe.

It was a great reward to see the kids out playing with Lexie before we left. And it was proof that Lexie is where she belongs – not back at the shelter, but at home with her family.