We knew that we helped a whole lotta pet families and a whole lotta dogs and cats with a whole lotta pet food at our May drive-thru pantry day. It was a non-stop stream of cars over an 8 hour period.

But holy schmoly, take a look at these numbers: 👀

~16,000 pounds of dog food
~4,000 pounds of cat food
558 households helped
~3,300 dogs and cats fed

(not to mention ~550 doses flea treatment and ~4,000 pounds of cat litter provided)

Of these numbers, the majority were new households coming to our pantry for the first time due to recent job loss or illness related to COVID-19. We helped about 10 times our typical number of new clients.

When you give to FIDO, know that you are helping hundreds of struggling families and thousands of dogs and cats stay together and meet their basic needs during this unprecedented crisis.