Success Stories

Sometimes outreach is not about finding dogs in bad living conditions who need our help. Sometimes it’s about lending a helping hand to those people who are doing everything in their power to take great care of their dogs. Miss Earlene is a case in point of the latter. ❤️

Miss Earlene is on oxygen and does not drive. She has two little old fluffy dogs and a cat. She has lived in the same apartment with her same three pets for many years. All her animals are fixed. She tries to find a ride to our pet food pantry when she can. Sometimes, she asks if we can drop off pet food and a few supplies. Especially during the pandemic, Earlene is trying to stay home. So yesterday we paid her a visit.

We were happy to see that Earlene has been keeping her two little fluffy girls from getting matted by simply grooming them with a pair of scissors. They actually looked really well-groomed. She has also been keeping them flea-free, but we gave each of them a dose of flea prevention anyway.

The one thing that she hasn’t been able to do is trim their nails. So Indianapolis Animal Care Services Officer Jerry Kellems pulled out a pair of dog nail clippers from his ACO van and helped Earlene tackle the job. We had to capture the moment in a photo. Just in case you are struggling to find some good in this world. It is out there. In people like Miss Earlene and Jerry. 🙂