FIDO partners with Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) each week in targeted low-income, often high-crime, neighborhoods of Indianapolis. We drive our vehicles down alleys to find and help dogs living outside in violation of the care and treatment ordinances. We offer educational materials and basic dog supplies and services to begin helping right away. Without this proactive program, many of these dogs would continue to suffer unnoticed in the backyards of Indianapolis.

This program is so effective because it integrates the humane education and direct assistance FIDO can provide with the law enforcement authority that IACS officers possess. While improving the quality of life of outside dogs, this partnership also helps dog owners/guardians come into compliance with the care and treatment ordinance so the dog can remain in the home and stay out of the local overcrowded shelter system.

FIDO also follows up later with phone calls and home visits to ensure that the living conditions of the dogs remain improved.