FIDO assists clients with fencing and fence repair in order to provide secure containment for dogs when outside, as an alternative to continuous chaining. 

FIDO volunteers help install 6’ tall chain link kennel panels along the backside of clients’ homes, enabling clients to conveniently let their dogs in and out of the house. While FIDO enclosures are a minimum of 100 square feet, our goal is to always maximize space for the animals. Factors we consider are the number of dogs, the space we are working in and available resources.

We also reinforce the enclosures/fencing with additional materials (old metal crate pieces work quite well!) to prevent chewing/digging.

FIDO volunteer efforts are rewarded time and time again by the transformation we see not only in the environment but in the dogs themselves.  Dogs who display aggression and/or depression on the chain consistently become playful, relaxed and approachable once the chain is removed and they are running in a secure enclosure. It makes the labor we put forth and the materials provided beyond worth it!