Pet Food Pantry:
We WILL be having our April pet food pantry, as usual, on the first Saturday, April 4. HOWEVER, we will be starting early at 8:00 am and running a full 8 hours until 4:00 pm to avoid bottlenecks in our parking lot as we use a new drive-thru process. We will attempt to call all of our clients to stagger arrival times, based upon last name. We ask everyone to leave your food buckets at home, since we will have all food pre-bagged and ready to toss into vehicles. For those of you who are pantry clients, or have friends or family who are pantry clients, please spread the word. (Community Cat Caretakers: Indy Neighborhood Cats will be calling all of you with special instructions.)


Warehouse Open Hours:

We will continue to offer our warehouse open hours for clients to receive various needed supplies. Hours are Sundays 10-1 and Wednesdays 3-6. Clients will not enter the warehouse. We will gather/share information via our Ring doorbell and bring any supplies needed to clients in their cars.


Spay/Neuter Program:

With FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic closing until at least April 20, FIDO’s help with spay/neuter surgery funding and spay/neuter transport is on-hold for the next month.  Miriam who does all our client scheduling at FACE, will still call and make tentative appointments, but they will be pushed out in time and may need to ultimately be rescheduled if the crisis lingers.


Fence Program:
With increasing restrictions on leaving our homes and being on the road, we are putting our fence projects on-hold. We work in teams on fence projects, share tools, etc. Plus, we have some interactions with our clients on fence projects. There are too many arguments in favor of putting this program on-hold.


We will not be doing any proactive alley outreach for now. If citizens call us urgently needing our help, we will try to help them. Also, we will assist Indianapolis Animal Care Services officers with dog neglect cases, as needed. The good news is that IACS is caught up on their runs for now and there are very few neglect calls coming in. One little bright spot in all of this.