Success Stories
Yesterday we made a circuit around town to follow up on several calls on our help line from citizens seeking a little assistance with their dogs. Tank and his family were one of the highlights of the day.
Tank was found as a skinny pup wandering an east side neighborhood by the teenage son. He took the dog home and went to work convincing his family to keep the pup. Tank. being the sweet pooch that he is, quickly worked himself into the hearts of the entire family, including most importantly, mom and dad. The mom called for a little help with some extra dog food, a dog house and a long sturdy tether for when Tank needed some outside time. They already have an inside training crate and are working on house training the pup.
When we pulled up at the house today, the whole family was out in front with Tank in the middle of the mix, soaking up the attention. We discovered that there is even a little princess in the family. 😀 When we offered help to get him neutered and vaccinated, mom immediately said yes, let’s get Tank fixed. Once Tank is neutered – thanks to our veterinary partner, FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic,
with funding from Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana – we will help out with a fenced enclosure so Tank can better burn off all that puppy energy with the kids outside.
We also helped out with a sturdy leash before we left and were heartened to see the boy walking Tank down the block as we left. Walks are to dogs like Disneyland is to kids, and there is definitely something to that old line about “a boy and his dog.” Tank has found his family.