Success Stories

We recently followed up on a referral from Indianapolis Animal Care Services to assist a woman, we will call Vanessa, who had  moved to Indy with her four dogs. Vanessa is caring for the dogs the best she can. The IACS officer recognized that Vanessa wanted to improve her dogs’ care, so he did not issue citations. Rather, he asked FIDO to help her make the needed improvements.

Vanessa did give her dogs the best names: Brutus Michael, Iris Minerva, Athena Marie, and Magic Michelle. 😀 The pooches all live inside with Vanessa. She doesn’t have a fenced yard. So she rotates the dogs outside, one at a time on a tie-out, or walks them one at a time. Otherwise, they are inside with her on the couch. All big strong bully mix dogs. But all dogs are on the thin side and have skin issues due to fleas.

Vanessa was very welcoming of our help and honest with us. And the pups are all friendly and social. So we started with flea treatment and food for everyone. Then we moved on to scheduling spay/neuter and vaccinations at FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic.

At one point, Vanessa honestly admitted that she could not properly care for four dogs and asked if we could find new homes for the younger two. So we called our friends at Indyhumane and they responded right away that they could take the dogs (in the photos) tomorrow. We will be helping Vanessa with a securely fenced area for the remaining two dogs once they are spayed.

This is a great example of how partnering with other animal agencies can create the best outcomes for everyone. None of us can do it all alone, but with friends, you sure can. Thank you to our friends at IACS, FACE, and IndyHumane. ❤️❤️❤️