It was a bea-u-ti-ful day on a recent fence build and we were able to complete 2 projects to help a grand total of 10 pooches:
On our first job at Lisa’s house, we secured existing fencing and added several new panels for big boy Trump, a young sweet Shepherd, and his two little Pomeranian siblings. All the dogs live inside and go outside mainly to run around and play. Although Trump could probably jump over the existing fence, he is a very good boy and has never tried. However, the two Littles have been busting out of the bottom of the fence and causing problems with the neighbors. Well, today we outsmarted their plans of escape from their nice big backyard.
On our second job at Mitzi’s house (in our current target neighborhood of Haughville), her 5 Littles have also been busting a move through holes in her existing fence and also causing neighbor issues. They are all Chi-Weenies with a lot to say. We created a super-secure enclosure off the backdoor to safely contain the little pack of hooligans. They all live inside, but even Littles need to get outside and romp around. Mitzi’s son, with his two bigger dogs, just moved in with her. So we will be getting those 2 dogs spayed/neutered ASAP, because we want to make sure that ALL dogs in a FIDO-built fence are fixed!